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Time is running out. We know it gets really busy this time of year. Many people have spring weddings, proms, and graduations to attend. With everything going on, it can be really easy to miss some of the important details – like renting a prom limousine ASAP. The closer we get to prom season, the less availability we have. Spring is one of the busiest seasons for limousine companies because of the nice weather and the sheer amount of events that happen in the spring.

promOne thing you don’t want to do is wait until the very last minute. There are a few openings left for May Annapolis proms, but not a whole lot. It’s easy to book up fast when so many schools have similar prom dates. It’s still important that you call and check, though, since cancellations do happen and because there are still some open time slots.

Why is it important to rent a limo for prom?

This is a question a lot of people ask. Some people look at all of the expenses of prom as silly, extra expenses, but consider this: what do you remember about your prom? If you went all out, you probably remember spending a really fun night with friends enjoying one of the last good things that high school has to offer. Graduation comes all too soon and then students are off to different colleges and separated from friends. Rocking one of the last nights of high school with close friends is really important for high school students. It gives them a chance to have a last hurrah in style – plus, you can be sure that your students are safe with our chauffeurs.

Young drivers can be careless, especially if they’re distracted on a night like prom. Make sure that they’ve got reliable transportation to and from prom without having to worry about doing it yourself. You also get to take pictures with a great backdrop and will make memories to last a lifetime. It’s okay to splurge a little bit on a night as important as prom, plus, if everyone donates a little bit of money, it’s easy to knock the cost way down for a big group.

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